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Campus Travel Management
Concur will be launched in concert with the campus-wide Alpha Financials project.
Alpha Financials
The Alpha Financials project, an extensive modernization of UC Merced’s financial system, is scheduled to be production-ready in December 2020 and go live in January 2021.
Bobcat Buy
Bobcat Buy streamlines the purchasing process on campus with the lowest overhead cost per transaction.
Fall 2020: 'Substantial Completion' of Merced 2020 Project
Substantial Completion includes a new wet-lab building with faculty offices and classrooms, 980 new beds in student housing, 630 new parking spaces, a conference center, and more.
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Jul 09: AB 1887 State Travel Prohibition Update
Jun 25: UCPath Going Offline Briefly in June, July
Jun 01: Introducing the Supply Chain Center of Excellence
May 31: Shipping, Receiving, Warehouse Functions Move to New Supply Chain Organization


Our website is organized to provide the most relevant information, resources, and guidelines based on the different type of users or stakeholders that BFS interacts with. Each section includes the most relevant portals/systems used, the most relevant forms for varying transactions, important guidelines, policies, and procedures, and Frequently Asked Questions typically received.  Each section of the website is tailored to the different type of user or stakeholder our division regularly engages with.

Students can find information in the Student User section above related to fee payment deadlines, how to pay tuition, how to create a Parent PIN, when and how refunds are processed, direct deposit of student refunds, how to deposit funds to a CatCard, and how to enroll in the deferred payment plan.

Employees, including student employees, can find information in the Employee User section above on such topics as how to fill out a time card, payroll related tax information, how to make a travel reservation or request a travel reimbursement for business travel, travel policies and training, and other tools and guides relevant to an employee of the Campus.

Departments, including department management, supervisors, and administrators can find information in the Department User section above on a variety of topics including how to purchase and pay for goods or services for your department, how to review an employee time sheet, how to review employee travel expense reports, payroll new hire forms, the University’s accounting policies, how to perform expense transfers, and a variety of other tools and guides that will help a Campus department operate smoothly.

Outside or external 3rd parties who wish to do business with BFS and/or UC Merced, please see the Business with UC Merced section above for more information.

For more information on each of the BFS departments, please visit the Department Listing drop down above.

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